Stuart Cousins Memorial Fund

Stuart Cousins died unexpectedly on 12 March 2016, aged just 35 years old. He was a lovable character in the Tasmanian bleeding disorders community and he is very sadly missed.

Joanthan Spencer, HFT President, has been working closely with Stuart’s family to provide a lasting memory of him by helping improve quality of life for other people in Tasmania living with a bleeding disorder. To do this, HFT has established the Stuart Cousins Memorial Fund

This Fund will be used to give practical assistance to people with bleeding disorders in Tasmania. This will be used for a variety of purposes, and specifically for the needs of individuals. For example, we could help someone in a rural area to access treatment through transportation, assist with the cost of purchasing aids such as a wheelchair, or organizing get-togethers so people can share their experiences and gain support.

If you would like to help support this Fund, please make a donation by completing the form attached or call 1800 807 173 or donate online. The Fund will be administered by Haemophilia Foundation Australia.

Attached is a brochure to give you a bit more of a glimpse into Stuart’s life in the words of those who were closest to him. 

SCMF Brochure